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Because Ease-e Medical bills your Insurance company for you and has contract pricing with existing business customers, our site is split into 2 primary components –one for Insurance and Business Customers (including Private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Agencies and Facilities) and one for Retail Customers who are not eligible to have these supplies billed to their Insurance (including Medicare & Medicaid).

Ease-e works with many insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid. Please click here to see a list of Private and Government Insurance companies that we currently work with.  If your Insurance Company is not listed please call us at 800-800-5914 to discuss your situation. If you are eligible to have your medical supplies billed to your Insurance (including Medicaid & Medicare) and have never ordered from Ease-e Medical before, there is initial paperwork we need from you before you place the first order. Use this link to find the paperwork we need:  Forms.

Individual Insurance Customers (including Private Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid) please read and completely fill out and sign the Customer Information Handout and complete the Customer Reference Sheet and Signature Page and Privacy Practices.

Business Customers (including Agencies & Facilities) please complete the Agency Reference Sheet. 
Please complete this paperwork and return to Ease-e. You can e-mail, fax or mail it to us:

or Fax: 866-779-0036
or Mail:
Ease-e Medical, Inc.
Attn: New Client Paperwork
731 S. 8th St.
Cañon City, CO 81212

Once we have the initial paperwork and have set up your account, future orders can be placed on our website.


Thank you for choosing Ease-e Medical, Inc. for your medical supply needs.
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